Terms & Conditions of Sale

1. Interpretation

In these conditions and the invoice overleaf customer means the person or persons purchasing the goods as detailed on the invoice overleaf. The goods means the goods described on the invoice. Contract means the contract for the sale by the company to the customer of the goods constituted by these terms and including the invoice. The means Gea Carpets ltd, Registered office Steadman House, Otley road,, Shipley, BD17 7EX. The contractor means the self employed carpet fitter, The headings are for convenience only and do not affect interpretation

2. Legal Title

The legal title to the goods shall remain in the property of the company until any monies what so ever which are owing to the company by the customer have been paid. The company reserves the right for its agents, servants, employees to enter the premises of the customer to repossess the goods. In the event of non-payment of the outstanding balance.

3. Basis of Sale

The goods are sold by the company on the terms contained in the sale of goods act 1979 except as expressly varied by the invoice and/or by these terms. No change may be made to the contract unless agreed in writing by the company.

4. Orders & Specifications

If any contract is cancelled by the customer prior to delivery the customer will be liable to pay the company 20%(special order contracts 30%) of the price of the goods to cover expenses incurred and this will be deducted from any deposit or advance payment paid by the customer. The contract can-not be cancelled by the customer after delivery. The company may cancel the contract at anytime before it notifies the customer that the goods are ready for delivery/collection if it is unable to fulfil the invoice due to any cause beyond its control. In this event the company’s only liability is to refund any deposit or advance paid by the customer.

5. Price of Goods

The price of goods provided by the company is set out on the invoice.

6. Fitting Services

Carpet fitting is subject to a separate contractual agreement between the customer and the contractor. Where free fitting promotions are advertised the company will provide a discount off the price of the goods. Fitting services remain payable directly to the contractor and are subject to a separate contractual agreement.

7. Terms of Payment

Full payment for goods and services detailed on the invoice is due upon delivery or collection for the goods which ever is applicable. As detailed on the invoice, payment for carpet fitting is payable directly to the contractor and is subject to a separate contactual agreement. If the customer wishes to pay using a credit facilities offered by the company, payment will be made as set out in the credit agreement entered in to by the customer.

8. General

Although the company will always endeavour to meet all delivery or collection agreements no liabili-ty will be accepted by the company for a claim of compensation should the agreed date be extended from the original agreement made.

No liability is accepted by the company on respect of the goods supplied by the company in accord-ance with the customers’s own specification and/or measurements. Nothing contained within the terms and conditions of sale does, nor will affect your statutory rights.

All cut pile carpets, whatever their quality, method of construction or pile content, may show a shading effect when in use(and in some cases even without wear) though when and where it will occur cannot be predicted. Variously referred to as water marking, pooling, tracking or pile pressure shading is characteristics of all textile materials with a pile a nap, but the effect is especially noticea-ble on plain velvet carpets or carpets with a high proportion of open ground in the pattern. Areas of shading are irregular in shape and size and have a darker appearance than the surrounding carpets when seen from one angle of the pile,which may be permanent. The shading effect, which may be accentuated by room lighting or certain areas of frequent use, does not affect the quality of wear/life of the carpet and is not a fault in manufacture.

When carpets are selected from samples it is occasionally found that variations occur in colour to the actual carpet supplied. Every effort will, of course, be made to ensure as exact a match as possible, but no guarantee of matching can be given.

The sizes as quoted for the width of carpet are approximate. This can vary due to several factors and the tolerance conforms with british standards institute no 3655 allowing for a variation of =1.25%.

In the case of partial completion of an order, which may occur for a variety of reasons, the company shall be entitled to payment proportional to the amount of goods supplied and work carried out.

9. Cleaning

Inspired Carpets recommend that carpets should be cleaned by professionals. A dry cleaning meth-od only should be used when cleaning woven carpets such as Wiltons and Axminsters as any other method of cleaning may result in the carpet shrinking or distorting.